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Welcome to Completely Random Product Reviews!  The content of this blog will just as the name implies.  There will be no theme to the products reviewed here.  Unless you consider “whatever I happen to buy and review” a theme.  Most products covered here will be inexpensive, “everyday” items.  There might be a frozen pizza review one day, and a review on fingernail polish the next.  Then, after that there could even be a review for guitar strings or cotton balls.  DVD reviews wouldn’t be entire out of the question, either.  Nor would a review for plastic forks.  I like to review anything I pay for, so just check back frequently and see what pops up.

One Response to “About”

  1. Amy said

    I’ve been looking for a good plastic fork and cotton balls to scrape off the finger nail polish I spilled when I tripped over a guitar string while running to get my frozen pizza out of the oven. Can you help me out? 😉 I do love me some randomness and surprises!

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