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Kashi Chicken Florentine

Posted by bronzechains on January 13, 2009

I usually eat one of three things during my lunch break at work.  It’s almost always Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Chicken Alfredo Florentine, Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Roasted Sirloin Supreme, or a bag of light butter microwave popcorn.  I rarely deviate from this short list, unless I’ve got something homemade (which isn’t often).

On my most recent trip to the grocery store, I saw that Kashi frozen dinners were on sale at a price of two for six dollars.  The Lean Gourmet meals are usually in the $1.25 range, so the Kashi dinners were considerably more expensive.  After thoroughly perusing Kashi’s offerings, I decided to go for it.  I bought the Chicken Florentine, as well as the Lemon Rosemary Chicken.  I’ll review the latter sometime later this week.


I’ll start with the good, then move on to the bad.  In the culinary world, “florentine” is usually tacked onto a dish containing spinach as a prominent ingredient.  Kashi didn’t skimp on the spinach here.  The spinach was flavorful and appeared to have been well taken care of on the way to the deep freeze.  Many times in frozen meals, spinach comes out looking like limp and slimy leaves, with little of the flavor remaining.  This was actually identifiable as spinach, in regard to the appearance and flavor.  Also present were red peppers, portobello mushrooms, Kashi’s special multigrain pilaf, and grilled chicken.  The chicken was delicious, and fairly plentiful.  It wasn’t your standard frozen meal chicken, as the quality was high and the flavor was great.  The multigrain pilaf was an interesting taste and texture combination.  A white wine sauce and parmesan cheese were also onboard for this healthy microwave excursion.

This dish is packed full of nutrition, in comparison to most frozen dinners.  It’s high in fiber, with a whopping 5 grams.  It’s also a good source of several vitamins.  The whole grains are definitely in the house with this dish.  The multigrain pilaf contains: oats, long grain brown rice, rye, hard red winter wheat, triticale, buckwheat, dehulled barley, and sesame seeds.  All in their whole grain form.

Now, the bad.  There was only one slice of portobello in the entire dish, which really irked me.  The sauce was decidedly bland, as was the dish overall.  I was not impressed at all with this dinner as a whole, and won’t be buying it again.  It was terribly bland, and the only thing that saved it from being a complete loss was the fresh-tasting spinach and flavorful chicken.  Sadly, everything else tasted like….well, nothing.  The multigrain pilaf’s texture was a welcome addition, but the flavor fell short.  Maybe some more seasoning?  On Kashi’s website, consumers post their opinions on the products in the form of comments that can be found on the individual pages for their offerings.  Several customers raved about the wonderful flavore, the prominent garlic, and several other things.  The general consensus was that this shit was the best food ever created, with the exception of a couple of negative reviews.  I just didn’t think it was that great.  In the end, I felt like I’d eaten farm animal feed with some chicken and spinach mixed in.  Not cool, mostly because I’m not a farm animal.  I’m hoping the Lemon Rosemary Chicken is better.

13 Responses to “Kashi Chicken Florentine”

  1. Kitchenwolf said

    I’ve tried a few Kashi brand foods and I have only been met with disappointment. Kashi food yuk. There are plenty of options for healthy food that is delicious. I completely agree with their commercials. “Pecans are good. Cranberries are good.” But Mr. Kashi, somehow your food S-U-C-K-S. It’s flavorless and misguided about it’s nutritional value. It has little to NONE.

    If you are new to pilaf and find that you are taking a taste to it you may want to try the Near East brand of toasted almond pilaf. It’s REALLY good.

  2. bronzechains said

    I did enjoy the Kashi pilaf, and tried to find it at the grocery store. No luck. With a little extra seasoning, it could be really good. I’ll check for the Near East stuff. As far as the nutritional value, the big thing is the fiber, really. I never get enough fiber.

  3. Kitchenwolf said

    Shit, if you are concerned about fiber have a bean burrito. You cook well enough to pull that off in your sleep. You get to use fresh ingredients too.

    For those of you who have no idea how to make a burrito…
    1. Open can of refried beans and warm them up.
    2. Place some on a warm flour tortilla.
    3. Put something else on it.
    4. Eat

  4. bronzechains said

    Ooh, a bean burrito does sound pretty good now that you mention it.

  5. gimmeyummy said

    The Kashi coconut lemon grass offering is actually very impressive. I love Quinoa!

  6. Jeff said

    i ate this exact dinner tonight for the first time. it was the most powerful experience i ever had in 50 years of eating. i mean boom! it went right through me… i didn’t make the bathroom. what is in that food??? this stuff should be used for the day prior to a colonoscopy. it works better and it tastes better than the stuff you have to drink. it was a good abdominal workout — very cleansing — have your schedule clear and a bathroom avaivalble if you want to dine on this stuff. what is in that food????

  7. bronzechains said

    Ummm….if you ate it, then you could have read the ingredients list on the box.

  8. Jack McDonald said

    Only after trying this very same crappy dish did I remember that “kashi” is actually an ancient Hindi word that loosely translates to English as “tastes like friggin’ cardboard.”

    Their breakfast cereals are a little better because the cardboard is supplemented by nuts and stuff.

    This is not food for Republicans, though. This is made for hippies.

  9. Bronzechains said

    I wouldn’t buy Republican food if my life depended on it. Just sayin’.

  10. Matthew said

    OK, the problem here is that we as Americans have been over stuffed and over fed with way to much sugar and salt. These meals are very tasty once you learn to live with out so much salt and fat in your diet. Dont blame the food or the company that you have been gorging your taste buds all these years with over-indulgence !!! We need to get off the sugar and stop eating so much, its sad when you drive by a school and see kids on the playground just sitting there out of breath from just walking outside because the 10 year old weighs 200lbs. Parents have got to learn to say no, and eat healthy them self. Then they can teach their children to do the same. Oh yeah, try getting off your butt every now and then and do a little exercise!!!!!!

  11. Adam Bomb said


    I thought long and hard about how to reply to your comment. I considered being cordial, and I considered just letting it go altogether. Then, I decided to go “old school” and just tell it like it is.

    First of all, your “…we as Americans…” statement tells me that you are an American yourself. And apparently, you’re better than all the other Americans who “over stuff” themselves with way “to” much sugar and salt. Also, you seem to know that I never get off my butt. It’s interesting that you know this for a fact. I must get hold of this satellite tracking technology you’re using on me; it sounds exciting! And you know what else is sad, aside from all the kids that are out of breath on the playgrounds? Guys who troll blogs and message boards to spout off about what a poor state this country is in, and how awesome they are compared to the rest of the folks here. If things are so bad, maybe you ought to give some thought to moving to another country. Suicide is always an option, too. I mean, why would you want to waste your life in what you seem to think is a cesspool of fat lazy pieces of shit? You’re already at the computer, so maybe hop on over to Google and do a search for “effective suicide methods”. Seriously guy, you win. Congrats on being the best person.

    Anyway, given that you’re such an uber-healthy guy, who’s to say that I’m not like you? Maybe I don’t gorge myself with sugar, salt and preservatives. Maybe, just maybe, I don’t have the stereotypical Americanized palate that so many of us have grown up with. Granted, I totally do. But for you to play the whole “presumptuous arrogant prick” card is pretty bold, guy.

    With all of that on the table, I’m sure this stuff would taste better to someone who isn’t accustomed to heavily salted and seasoned foods. But guess what? Regarding food, I am absolutely the stereotypical guy. I like my salt/sugar/fast food/whatever. And guess what else? A majority (or a considerable amount, at least) of Americans are the same way. I write from my own perspective, and I certainly don’t write with the intention of catering to the minority. My intention here is to provide my opinion for the general public.

    That said, I’m sure there are plenty of snooty food blogs out there for you to read. Find one, and leave us poor, dirty, slovenly fatass Americans to wither away in our apparently horrible existences. Have a great day 🙂

  12. Lizzie Sheldon said

    Honestly, don’t be so judgmental! Keep this to honest comments on the meal, please! Maybe Kashi listened to your comments because I had their Chicken Florentine last night, full of good flavor and texture. Beyond my expectations, I loved it. Lots of mushrooms, yes, lots! The chicken was perfect, and the cheese gave it a very good finish. It had plenty of seasoning with the garlic and red peppers. I find that most of these prepared products are loaded with too much salt. With 550mg of sodium, it was just right. Thank yo Kashi for a wonderful dinner.

  13. jeff said

    I don’t think Matthew was being presumptive in disparaging your pallte I think you said in your post that you eat Michelena 99 cent “dinners” the really cheap , and horribly unhealthy overloaded with sugar and salt stuff normally so maybe he thought that’s why you were making such stupid comments.

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